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We give you step by step actionable strategies to work your way through generating SALES through Instagram and other platforms.


Struggling to Grow your Business?

The Homepreneurs Club is here for you! We are a community of women empowering each other and teaching one another how to grow their businesses. Our goal is not just to help you get started, but also give insight into so many aspects of running your own company. We will be there with you every step of the way!

Join our club today and we will teach you everything from social media marketing, branding, product development, customer service, and more.

All while being surrounded by like-minded women who are ready to hold you accountable in this journey together. There is no better time than now!


So Really, What is Homepreneurs Club?


Homepreneurs Club is an affordable monthly membership program, especially for women-owned small businesses.


While our main focus is on Instagram coaching, we also offer monthly webinars that cover topics other than Instagram. Topics such as email marketing to branding to Facebook and Instagram ads are just a few of the things covered in these previous webinar sessions. We plan to go into detail about more specific subjects like this for future events so small business owners can be prepared with new knowledge when it matters most!


Features of the Club!


Instagram for Small Business Course ( Pre recorded - self paced course):

A step by step Instagram Course filled with actionable strategies to take your Instagram Marketing tot he next level.  No fancy numbers! No minimum number of followers required! We concentrate only on metrics. THE SALES that come through!


Monthly Webinars:

2 Group Coaching Sessions over zoom every month

  • On topics other than Instagram
  • Instagram Q and A

Plug and Play Instagram Story Templates:

These make your life easy because you can use these editable Canva templates and create your own engaging stories suitable for your audience.


Fill in the blanks Caption Templates: 

You can use these fill in the blanks templates to make your business stand out. So no more worrying about what social media captions you should post for getting good engagement from your audience.


A Networking Group:

We have a networking group inside the club - a place where you can go for support, encouragement and questions about your business. We accept all types of posts: doubts, fears, victories - everything counts!

I Wana JOIN this TRIBE

Heyy!! I am Bilna Sandeep

Your Instagram and Small Business Coach!

I am going to help you get unstuck in your business and stop wasting time on fancy numbers and unnecessary thoughts. Forget about counting pennies or measuring success by how much time you spend. Let's talk REAL Business principles- the kind that will change everything for you in a BIG way!

I am here to push you take that one little step and make a big difference in your business. I'm going to help you stop thinking small, and think BIG! REALLY BIG!


It's not about how many followers you have, it's all about the connections.

I help change your mindset to grow and develop a tribe through social media channels like Instagram.

I can help make sales for you by helping connect with people who are interested in what you offer!


Instead of aimlessly chasing the number of followers I show you how to grow your account with targeted followers.


And you just need a handful of GENUINE followers to make SALES and I will show you exactly how to do it!

It seems like Instagram is the end of the world, but it's not! There are so many things you have to concentrate on as a business owner. Our membership helps light these areas up and keep your head in front of them all for you––so that no one can take advantage or steal your success from under your nose without having an idea what they're getting into beforehand.

Are you ready to Grow your Business??

( I don't take NO for an answer. And you shouldn't too).


Urvashi - Master Life Coach

I found Bilna and joined the Homepreneurs Club only a month ago but it honestly feels like I know her and the lovely women in the community for a long time. There is something about women entrepreneurs supporting each other which is very endearing. I have learnt so much about Instagram for Small Business Owners from her course and so much more since I have joined. This club seems to be my happy place 🙂 I love Bilna's energy and the selfless attitude she has, to help us all grow together!

Instagram handle - @transcendwithurvashi

Do you want a Sneak Peak of What it Looks Like inside the Members area?

Check out this welcome video for our members where in we show the Sneak Peak of the major features inside.


Does this sound familiar?


You have been spending a lot of time on Instagram and other platforms. But not really getting any sales or leads?


You are worried about people unfollowing you!!!


You are frustrated about low engagement on your posts


You have heard a lot about changing the Instagram Algorithm every day. And you are exhausted researching every day. And to add to the list! There are so many other platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn! You are confused about where to concentrate on!


You feel there are more bots on Instagram than REAL people. If REAL people exist, you do not know how to find them.


If these are your problems, I am here to walk you out of these unnecessary worries and help you make the best use of the time you spend on Instagram or growing different streams of your Business!

Save Time

No more wasting your time worrying about what to post! We give you custom templates and story templates! All you have to do is add your product details and post. Now no more complaining of not being consistent!

Access to Instagram Course & Resources

You get access to the prerecorded lessons of Instagram for Small Business Course by Bilna ( updated monthly). A lot of other helpful resources ( other than Instagram) for Small Business Owners. So you don't have to research and break your head. We provide you the right resources.

Community & Group Coaching

There will be a Virtual Club of Small Business Owners. ( Not Facebook Group). You can network, collaborate, and motivate each other. Make sure you stay on track and stay accountable. Monthly once you will have a Group Coaching session over Zoom. If you miss the LIVE, you will have access to the recording.

Noumin - Crocheter

At first I was hesitant to do a paid course as I have attended a lot of free webinars and free courses on the same topic. And so I was worried, what if she is covering only exactly those same points.And guess what, she covered those same points, but with a twist. Free webinars teach you what to do, and Bilna Sandeep's this course teach you "what to do", "how to do" and exactly things to do step by step, that all you have to do is just do what she taught and booom Crazy engagement.I got the best sales during the month of doing the course, and it is still increasing more. I reached my first milestone of 1K followers with just weeks into the course. And thanks to her for full dedication and her will to empower everyone through this course. ️

Instagram: @naore_the_blot

Farah - Fashion Designer and Illustrator

I used to look at the active pages on stories. The way I found this wonderful coach.
Then one day unexpectedly messaged Bilna regarding my workshop. The way she interacted with me, I started loving her contents and got to know more about her.

Then one day she explained about membership, so immediately I registered. Then I realized if you want to grow your startup business digitally this opportunity is best. As I can say future investment. There are a lot of things we were doing wrong. In her course, you can learn about everything. Thank you so much Bilna and I love your voice.

Instagram Handle @marsvenus95

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