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Navigating the WhatsApp Spectrum: Messenger, Business, and API

blogs Mar 15, 2024

The privacy of WhatsApp holds individual, commercial, and corporate interests with the large equal number of monthly active users- 2 billion. In this blog, we'll delve into the three primary components: WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Business API.


What do you do with WhatsApp Marketing? 

This report was published as a part of the Business Messaging Research Study where 70% of respondents stated that the most preferred communication channel of the companies staying in touch with them, is undoubtedly messaging applications. A high pitch of the experience will probably come when you receive your boarding pass to travel on WhatsApp or when you get a follow-up message after you abandon your cart on a website. WhatsApp is not only an engagement tool but the first step for complete sales automation with the sales experts forecasting astronomical growth soon. 


WhatsApp Marketing Advantages: 

1. Extensive Reach: As the leading messaging app for WhatsApp which amassed about 2.5 billion global users, it is a great option to launch a major brand campaign in major economies. 
2. High Engagement: Achieve the highest open rates, 90-99%, and boast of outstanding clickthrough/conversion rates that are 20-60%, which is several folds greater than email marketing. 
3. Seamless Product Discovery: Display your product collection in its entirety within WhatsApp and help users easily navigate your products. 
4. Novelty: WhatsApp remains an untapped channel compared to saturated channels where phone numbers quickly become too crowded. This opens a new strategic window for a brand that takes the initiative to conquer WhatsApp.
5. Real-time Assistance: Instant, one-to-one customer support ensures an immersive and memorable shopping trip. From learners of different ages and backgrounds to professionals seeking career advancement, online education plays a crucial role in meeting the needs of a diverse learning population. 


WhatsApp Messenger: Attentive to Details 

WhatsApp Messenger is good at personal communication but does not have what it takes to hold the business standard as it lacks automation features and connects to only your phone contacts. 

WhatsApp Business: Personalising for Businesses 

In addition to WhatsApp Business, which is mainly meant for small and micro-sized businesses, the program offers more expanded features such as product catalogs, automatic messages and labeled conversations. This framework is favorable where the startup teams are trying to break barriers of internal communication. 

Notable Features 

Product Catalog: Feature products with photos, prices and links to sales sites. 
Automated Messages: Create an effiicient way for all interactions with e.g. greetings, away messages, and quick replies. 
Business Tools: Highlight conversations, use shortened URLs, employ QR codes and initiate broadcasting. 

WhatsApp Business API: A Force for Growth, Peace, and Prosperity 

Purposefully developed for medium-large organizations, WhatsApp Business API thanks to its capability of connecting to CRM or marketing platforms allows unlimited access to users, personal account creation and contact management system via third-party service APIs. 

Key Features 

User Access: Endless users and devices for customer support that will help you achieve positive results. 
Account Creation: Verification through a WhatsApp partner will be needed to guarantee the reality of what is publicized. 
Contact Management: CRM: Importing and meeting GDPR compliance standard. 

Comparative Insights 

Session Messages: WhatsApp Business requires responding to messages within 24h, at the same time API allows session and broadcast messages. 

Broadcast Messages: Unlike the business app, API broadcasting of messages to the required number of contacts does not require prior saving of the numbers. 
Interactive Messages: API brings the live chat experience into an app through quick action buttons that trigger a response. 
WhatsApp Groups: Only for API, that means customers could make and administrate group chats via. 


WhatsApp Business API pricing is based upon availability of sessions where each session is charged for the particular country's code. Communication services like Brevo enables hassle-free interfacing of different platforms. 


The type of WhatsApp tool to be chosen by your business depends on the order size and needs. Humanized. We have WhatsApp Messenger for personalization, WhatsApp Business for small enterprises, and WhatsApp Business API for broader marketing strategies. Partner with a WhatsApp Business API partner to integrate your own solution and avail yourself of the opportunity of getting global communication via this app. Go step ahead and experience WhatsApp to be your future business communication platform! 

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