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Our Club Member's satisfaction has been our biggest priority. Every feedback we take it very seriously.


Skin Care Formulator, UAE


"Bilna as a coach has really help me grow my business. Have learnt so many new skills like how to be a pro on social media and have really good organic followers on Instagram. Also learning how to run advertisements on FB. The club’s impact is tremendous because I have upscaled my business."

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Urvashi, Emotional Well-Being Coach, UAE 


“There is something about women entrepreneurs supporting each other which is very endearing. I have learnt so much about Instagram for Small Business Owners from her course and so much more since I have joined. This club seems to be my happy place 🙂 I love Bilna's energy and the selfless attitude she has, to help us all grow together!”

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Urmila, Artist,

"One of the most important things I learnt from Bilna is to let go of whatever is not working! It is important to move on, only then we can innovate, and strategically think in a new direction. This is what really helped me get out of the rut I was in!! Also whatever she keeps telling us about engaging with the community and our audience is absolutely true, and I finally understood that people buy stories and not products. They have to feel connected with us"

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What Club Members are saying...

Iram S Ahmad, Design & Journaling, UAE

"The Homepreneurs Club is probably the best investment I have made, it has helped me learn how to market my brand and connect with the audience which is a very valuable tool!"


Ann Thomas, UAE


"I joined the club in November 2021 and with each passing month it gets better. I am very happy to be part of this learning community. Gives me a lot of ideas to work on retail sales and Bilna always motivates to try out new techniques to develop sales.  I successfully did Facebook ads bcoz of the webinar conducted by the club."

Fathima Rida, Photographer, UAE


"I learned about marketing techniques and how to turn your followers into your clients. This is one of the best investment you can make for your business."


Jaya Poojitha, Scrapbooker (Art & Craft), India

"I came across this club on Instagram and I feel joining here is the best step I took in my career. The content and the insights available here are with high quality and much needed for small business owners. Bilna and her team are doing excellent work and they always give prompt replies to my queries. I highly recommend small business owners to join their course."

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Neha, Craft Store, India

"Choosing to join homepreneurs at its inception, I was filled with doubt. I was hesitant. But once I joined, there is no looking back. Bilna is extremely knowledgeable about what she is teaching. Her club is value for money, as you not only get to learn from her but also get to connect to other mompreneurs too.. She is truly developing a community we all need."

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Bhoomika Khattar, Handmade Gifts,  Australia

"I have a different mindset now from the time I started my business. Earlier I used to shy off in pricing my products the right value of the fear of not selling them. But after joining your club and reading through details provided by Bilna & the homepreneurs team, I have improved on this. I have started dealing with clients in a better way and with a more clear mindset. I have understood that client relationships are more important and how can we be consistent with that.

Also, my returning customers have increased and I have much better relationships with people. I have started respecting my hard work in the business more than anyone and that then resonates to my clients."

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What Club Members are saying...

Mehreen, Handmade Gifts, UAE

Very very informed individual about what’s happening in the social media realm. Way to go!"


Shaista, Cake Toppers, UAE

"It was worth every penny. Anything new, she is my to-go person. She is approachable, so very patient and kind to answer the 2432883773 questions I may have. Instagram is so overwhelming and I am so proud to be associated with Bilna who has made it a breeze. Anything new, she is my to-go person."

Fathima, Gift Hampers, UAE

"This investment was worth it, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot and every word you speak can be related to each one of us. With all your interactive sessions I got a chance to meet wonderful entrepreneurs. All this was possible because of the platform that you’ve provided"


Sussan, Crocheter,

"The course is worth the money. Each lessons are taught thoroughly and has an activity. I learnt more about instagram through Bilna. She is a gem of a person who helps small business grow. Till today I keep using her updated techniques. Bilna always shows her proof of amiability and competence through her smile. Calling for all small business owners to get steady with your products lead straight to the homepreneurs club for all the growth you require. I guarantee you will never regret."

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Anupama Gokhale, Eco-Friendly Living, UAE

"I love the statement which bilna keeps saying...I WANT YOU THINK BIG!! That has the most effect as earlier we very scared to plan for long term but now we are getting the confidence!

Here are a few things I learnt fun this club -

1. Got me to know how instagram works. Do's and donts of posting. 
2. How to make a Business plan
3. How social media can benefit ads and promotions.
4. How Collaborations work.
5. How not to rely only on Instagram!
6. How to create meaningful content.
7. Not to run after followers.
8. Importance of website."

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Sumayya, Party wear Designer, India

"Bilna took us through every detail on how to kickstart a business which was such an amazing session. The webinar’s on specific topics really helped me to take proper guided steps and the QnA session at the end really helped me to clear any doubts. Bilna makes sure that all our queries and doubts are cleared with so much patience. She is like this virtual Business boss that’s there for you! ♥️ The course provided in the club was so full of amazing information and guidelines." 

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What Club Members are saying...

Pooja Jaising, Fashion Exhibition, UAE 

"Bilna and her extremely prompt and helpful team, help me promote my work with ease. Their attention to detail and understanding is par excellence. I would encourage more women to join the club to learn and achieve more. Thank you to the entire team."

Uma, Handmade Soaps & Personal Care, India 

"Bilna & her team are very supportive and provide you with all necessary information to grow & scale your scale business. I personally learnt and implemented those strategies in my business. I really enjoy the monthly webinars that are packed with informative content!"

Akhila Aji, UAE

"I am truly satisfied, as there are many tips and tricks to learn. Knowing energetic people on the club is the highlight.  It's a great learning platform." 

Riswana, Terracotta Jewellery, India 

"Bilna n her excellent team gives timely support and help us. Homepreneurs club is best for beginners who start from scatch and also for the passionate one but not getting much ideas about to grow their business."

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Himani Tayal, Resin Artist,


Homepreneurs club is the best thing that happens to me... and my best investment that I had made for my business. It's worth enrolling in the club as you will get all the benefits you need to improve your business if you put proper efforts. You just need to focus and you will get all the suggestions, tips and tricks. I would always like to continue by membership with them.

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Sunayana,Miniature Artist, India

“I would like to thank you Bilna. Your all strategies for growing  Instagram organically are really helpful. I follow them and my Instagram is growing day by day. Your all pre-recorded videos are step by step and very well explained.

Really happy with the result, like you said efforts in the right direction are always fruitful 🥰.

I must say to every small business owner, enrol in the Homepreneurs club for a month and you will see the results sure."

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What Club Members are saying...

Rohita Ann Thomas, Alcohol ink Artist, UAE 

"I'm definitely very happy about my decision to join this club and hope to scale my business to greater heights."


Farah, Makeup Artist, UAE

"I realised if you want to grow your startup business in digitally this opportunity is best. There are a lot of things I was doing wrong and this course helped me learn everything.